Family Portraits

So we do our family pictures sometime around Mercedes’ birthday.

It works perfectly, that way we get her “yearly” picture taken too.

Why dress up twice?!?!

So we took our family pictures this past weekend.

Sadly, that’s not what you’ll see in this post. . .

We’re still picking them.  🙂

However, in light of the weekend’s events,

Mercedes decided she and Allison (her cabbage patch doll)

should have their pictures taken.

Granny game Mercedes the Dolly and Me outfit for her birthday.

We spent the day at home recovering from our weekends of partying.

Mercedes decided she wanted to dress Allison in her new clothes.

Then once Allison looked so cute, she had to put on the matching outfit!

I asked if I could take a picture for Granny.

She said yes. . .Picture #1 above.

Then she said. . .

“Wait Mommy. . .Like this.”

She turned around and then as if on cue, smiled back at me.

(We took a few shots like this during our shoot).

Then she said. . .”No look, Mommy.”

And she turned around again and waited for the flash.

I think I have created a monster!!!

Or just an adorable Little Munchkin!


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