Day of Rest!

I mentioned yesterday that we
(Mercedes and I)

took a day to recover from our weekends!

It has been a busy few weeks. . .

and the weeks leading up to our busy weeks

weren’t much of a peach either!

So we took a day to. . .

rest. . .

veg. . .

play. . .

clean. . .

fold. . .

read. . .

compute. . .


It was GREAT!

The greatest part though was watching her play.

She played with new toys. . .

old toys. . .

crayons. . .

stickers. . .

books. . .

food. . .

and boxes!

She picked up this styrofoam packing and

proceed to turn every room in the house a swimming pool.


I even got put into time out because I stepped into the pool without permission!

I didn’t know the tile under the sink in the kitchen was a pool!

She played swimming for at least 45 minutes.

I played swimming for at least 20 minutes.

She swam in the pool.

She swam in a river.
(where a ‘tend bear chased her).

She swam in the lake.

It was a hoot!


We both needed our sanity back!!


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