Christmas Shopping Conundrum

Christmas shopping has become a conundrum.

For the last three Christmases,
I have shopped for Mercedes’ presents while she was WITH ME!

This year, that proved to be difficult.

THANK YOU Lord for the “Princess Buttons”.

Target has this display that played snippets of Princess songs.

There are times when we have stopped at Target JUST to push the Princess buttons. . .
but that’s a story for another time.

Back to shopping. . .

While Mercedes was busy dancing to the Princess songs,

Mommy went shopping for her. . .
My mom taught me well. . .
THAT is why you wear a coat to Christmas Shop!
(We all know you don’t need it for anything else in Colorado)

Oh wait!



THANK YOU Lord for the WONDERFUL Target crew members!

Distract child with Princess Nail Polish,
while the Target Crew Member quickly scans the presents!

Guess she’ll have to stay home from here on out. 😦

Mommy and Daddy do their Christmas shopping together, however.

No sense in hiding. . . wrapping. . . OR waiting!

And while Daddy pays for said presents. . .

Mommy and Mercedes DANCE!  🙂


One thought on “Christmas Shopping Conundrum

  1. We did most of Isaac’s shopping on line this year. I bought a few things right in front of him but most of his presents have been mailed to our house!

    We did however do all of Mercedes shopping together – that was fun!

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