St. Lucia Traditions

St. Lucia Day is celebrated on December 13th.

For the 3rd year in a row,
we celebrated early by making Christmas Cookies.

It was a very successful day!!

No fire alarms. . .
(see last year’s post for more on that!)

We didn’t even make that big of a mess!

It was sooooooooo much fun!

Mercedes even got into it!

I don’t know what was more fun…

Baking or watching her bake?!?!

Who am I kidding. . .

Watching her bake was much more fun!!!

While Gran’pa and I were getting started. . .

Mercedes found her own measuring spoons, bowls, etc.

She started baking her own Banana & Chocolate Soup.

Last year, we had a little issue with the fudge.

Let’s leave it at . . .
LOTS of burnt sugar on the stove.
LOTS of scrubbing from my patient husband.

This year, we worked together (Jim & I) and made some beautiful fudge.

Happy belated St. Lucia Day!!


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