Dream Vacation ~ Reflections

So there you have it!  A “snapshot” of our trip.

As with any vacation, there are things I would do differently next time. . .

1. Take less clothes (I spent 4 days in my swimsuit).

2. Take Mercedes to the Oceaneer’s Club more.

3. Go to a few Adult Only Activities.

4. Visit Atlantis in Nassau.

5. Sleep less. . . play more!

As well as things I wouldn’t change for the WORLD!!

Here’s my Top Ten. . .

10. Taking a Disney vacation!  Always a favorite of mine.

9. Short lines for Characters.

8. Reading the Navigator to plan out our day.

7. Disney movies on demand 24-7

6. Trying new foods!

5. Tomato, Ham, Mozzarella Panini’s & French fries

4. Truly Relaxing. . . we had no agenda!

3. The crew! Mark and Ashon were two of our favorites.
And Olivia was the ONLY reason Mercedes went to play with the kids.

2.  Getting to go on a REAL cruise with my husband!

1. Watching my daughter meet her “friends.”


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