Ariel Obsession

I don’t know if it’s all 3 year olds. . .

or just mine.

But we are obsessed with ONE topic right now.


It all started after we watched the movie at

Aunt Carol’s house back in December. . . Or was it November?!

Anyway, she’s hooked!!

We found this costume in our dress up box a few weeks ago.

We inherited a box filled with dress up clothes a few years back

from a family at my old school.

I was looking for ballet slippers. . . She found this.

She spent the rest of the day in her Ariel clothes. . .

danced in it. . . ate in it. . . slept in it. . .

She’d still have it on, but she had an accident and Mommy hasn’t washed it yet.  🙂

Last week at Grandma Joyce’s they read the story of Ariel.

I got to Grandma’s to pick her up and this is what I got. . .

So now, we not only dance to the Ariel song. . .

but we walk slowly down the isle to the wedding song.

It’s CRAZY Cute. . . most of the time.

My little girl has been sick the past few days.

We spent Monday on the couch watching movies and drinking orange juice.

Of course, we watched Ariel!

She wasn’t tired and wouldn’t take a nap. . .

so we took a walk to the park.


I spent the next 20 minutes in Ariel’s castle. . .

swimming in the ocean to rescue Eric. . .

riding the dinosaurs (part of the park. . . not Ariel) to Eric’s castle. . .

having Flounder, Sebastian, and Triton follow us home.

I love her imagination!

I love her zest for life!

I wish I had her energy!!


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