Hardest addiction to break?

Tis Dad here…those who know me understand I don’t FaceBlah or Tweet or really any other forms of social media because frankly, we all know people waste their lives rambling on about meaningless stuff that has no one really cares about (e.g. I just finished shopping for groceries and almost dumped the jar of mayonnaise on the floor!; my mood is tired; going to get lunch; etc…), yet readers find so important and fascinating.  I don’t need 500 “friends” that I truly don’t know…those closest to me I keep in touch with via email, texting, and yes, even phone calls!

Those that frequent this blog know I rarely post anything as my lovely wife has things covered.  However, we are dealing with a very heavy and serious addiction in our family.  While I’ve never had what I could call an addiction (my comic books don’t count – that’s a hobby), I’ve heard smoking, drinking, and drugs can be devastatingly difficult addictions to break and relapse can easily occur.  Unfortunately, Mercedes is addicted to her binky.  The plan was when she turned three Mercedes could only have her binky in bed or on the couch (if Dad had his way, it would have been gone at two).  Let’s just say The Addicted is winning this battle.

I even tried asking Mercedes if she would be willing to tie her binkies to a balloon and send them to Baby Peek-A-Boo in Heaven.  Her response “I keep this one (Minnie Mouse binky) and we give Baby Peek-A-Boo the ones in the cabinet.”

I’m fully convinced a binky addiction is the hardest to break.



One thought on “Hardest addiction to break?

  1. I was told to snip a hole in it and it no longer functions the way it should. I have heard that this works some of the time……..Hmmmm and about those comic books….

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