Memories help get you through the tough times.

We’re holding tight to LOTS of memories right now.

I spent the afternoon looking through Mercedes’ first year scrapbook. . .

(I haven’t finished any other year)

and reading from her “Quote book”.

We are so blessed with such a vibrant, smart, creative little girl!!


I thought I would share with you her latest Quote Book Entry. . .

It’s truly a picture of how my girl processes life, faith, and things unseen!



Last Friday night at dinner we were talking about taking Peek-A-Boo on a Boat Ride.

Mercedes says: I introduce Peek-a-Boo to all the Princesses.

Daddy says: What if Peek-A-Boo is a boy and doesn’t like Princesses?

Mercedes says. . . very determined: I want a Baby Sister!

Mommy says: We don’t get to choose.  Do you know who picks for us?

Mercedes: Yes!

Mommy: Who?

Now this is normally where she will shrugs her shoulders and says “I no know”,
but this time she replied very confidently. . .


She then proceeded to look to the sky and say:

“I want a baby sister.”

Now who can argue with that!  🙂


One of the ways we’ve explained this to ourselves is that

Jesus knew this baby was a boy and didn’t want to deal with Mercedes’ wrath. . .

So Peek-A-Boo got to go “home” early!  🙂

Sometimes that’s what it takes to get you through the day. . . LAUGHTER and Memories!!


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