5 Things I Do Everyday

I found a blog that does a Tuesday Listable Life post. 

I thought it would be fun to participate. . .

Check out the other Listable Life Posts here. . .

This week’s Prompts . . .

5 Things You Wish You’d Know About Being a Parent

5 People Who Helped You Become “You”

5 Things You Do Every Day


5 Things You Do Every Day

1.  Love, Laugh, and Lounge with my family!
My heart overflows with love and gratefulness for my husband and daughter!!
Baby Girl is ALWAYS making me laugh. . . at least once a day!!
Before bed, I sit with Baby Girl to watch one of her shows.
Then after she’s in bed, hubby and I have time to catch up on our DVR.
It’s time I can’t live without!!

2. Drink my Chai!
I was introduce to Tastefully Simple Chai almost a decade ago.
But I lost it, until just last year!
I’m now a consultant and have a cup of chai EVERY morning!!

3. Listen to “Jesus Music”
This is what I started calling KLOVE & Christian Music
when my daughter started asking to listen to her music.
I didn’t want this Genre to become “Mommy’s Music”. . .
So in a panic one day I told her, Mommy needs to listen to Jesus Music.
It’s stuck!!
I listen to my Jesus Music in the car, at home and a work.

4. Check/Talk/Use my phone. . . e-mail, facebook, blogroll, txts, etc.
It borders on an addiction, but at least I don’t play Angry Birds. 🙂
My mom is on speed dial.
My husband is on speed dial (My daughter even knows how to call him).
My sister and I Google chat all day long.
My phone could be considered my life line.  🙂

5. Read!  Read!  Read!  Read!
I’m a book-a-hol-ic!
Seriously, Hubby and I have a favorite date. . . Going to Barnes & Noble.
We go to “our” sections and then meet up a few HOURS later!
My teaching partner (part of my DREAM TEAM) and I frequently met at Borders to browse!
Scholastic Book Clubs is the one thing I miss THE MOST about being in the classroom.
My basement is filled with my classroom library which consisted of over 1,600 books.
I give books for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Birthdays. . . to ANY family member.
I got a Nook back in September. . . it’s ALWAYS in my purse and has 113 books & samples downloaded.
My favorite way to spend a Saturday (pre-daughter) was to curl up with a good book and not come up for air until it was done!
Get the picture!?!?

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