Big Girl Bed

Yes Baby Girl is in a Big Girl Bed!!

After months of Princess’ as her choice, she picked out Tangled for her sheet set.

Her room is now referred to as her “Tower”.

To get her to open the door, you must say. . .

“Rapunzel, let down your hair!”

Just kidding. . . kind of.

There was no painting done to her room, yet with a few wall stickers and a little rearrangement of the furniture, it definitely feels new!

The wall stickers were OF COURSE, Tangled & Princess.  Although, I want you all to know that I had to do a little manipulation of my own to get those princess stickers into the Target cart.  🙂  Yes, I know, that’s where she gets it from, but whatever!

Oh the stickers are a HIT!

She put them up herself.

Mommy and Daddy gave a little advice (& manipultion) as to the stripes for each princess but all the placement and smoothing out was her own.  So fun to watch!!  🙂

And soooooooooooo much easier than repainting.

Besides, someday this room will be a nursery again, and little Missy will move into the “Mickey Room”.  She can take her stickers with her or pick something new.  Who knows that the future holds at the Wilson house!


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