5 Favorite Books of All Time

I found a blog that does a Tuesday Listable Life post.

I thought it would be fun to participate. . .

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This week’s Prompts . . .

5 Songs that Tell Your Life Story (so far)

5 Favorite Books of All Time

5 Celebrities You’d Like to Have to Dinner With


5 Favorite Books of All Time

Seriously, you’re asking a Book-a-holic to pick 5 books of ALL TIME?!?!
That’s just crazy talk. . . I did narrow it down to these. . .

Thanks to my fourth grade teacher this was the first series I got caught up in!  The Orphan Train Quartet ~ It’s about a family of six kids who sent by the Children’s Aid Society of New York City to live with farm families in Missouri in 1860. It was my first taste of historical fiction.  Book One is about the oldest of the family, Frances.  She pretends to be a boy in order to stay with her little brother.  She has a hard time keeping up her disguise. “A Family Apart” is unfortunately no longer in print, but it’s worth the search to find yourself a copy.  However, I suggest you order the series, because you won’t want to stop with Book One.

A classic tale of a misfit trying to fit in.  I always wanted to be Anne’s bosom buddy.  The innocent and true friendship of Anne and Diana!  The romance between Anne and Gilbert.  The relationship that built between Anne and Marilla & Matthew Cuthbert.  It’s a classic and still a favorite today!

The Christy Miller Series got me through Junior high, High School, and beyond.  Still to this day, my mom and I talk about my friend “Christy” and the many lessons she taught me.  Lessons like taking notice of the “God Things” in your life and praying for your future husband (done with that one, but I will share that lesson with my daughter).  This one is a treasure!

The Bible ~ Of course it’s on my list. . . more specifically, The Life Application Bible.  This was the first Bible that had notes that meant something to me.  I love the people profiles scattered inside.  I love the many maps that are scattered throughout.  I love the teaching points and applications that are attached the truths and stories of the Bible!  This Bible changed my life and the way I read the Bible.

I read this book to my students when I was student teaching.  I read it aloud to my class every year after that.  It’s such a great story of the capability of a child’s imagination and determination.  One of my all time favorite read alouds!!

Had to put a professional book in this list.  This book was recommended to me by one of my DEAR friends.  It changed that way I taught reading.  It changed they way I thought about reading.  It changed the way I ran my classroom.  It made me a better teacher.  Someday, my mom’s dream might come true and I’ll be a first grade teacher and truly put everything in this book into practice!!

Alright, I’ll stick with the rules, but I’m adding a list of my Favorite Authors. . .

Karen Kingsbury

Susan May Warren

Brad Meltzer


Marianne Mitchell

Lynn Austin

One thought on “5 Favorite Books of All Time

  1. I SO wish I had more time to read…*sigh* Frindle is a book in my classroom library too! Great book! And Reading with Meaning is a great resource. 🙂 One day I’ll get back to the classroom! Thanks for linking up your posts!

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