5 Things I Would Do If Money Were No Object

I found a blog that does a Tuesday Listable Life post.

I thought it would be fun to participate. . .

Check out the other Listable Life Posts here. . .


5 Things I would Do if Money Were No Object

1.  Quit my Job and Pursue Photography Full-Time

2. Stay in the Disneyland Hotel Mickey Mouse Penthouse Suite
I’m a HUGE Mickey Mouse fan!!  Just for a long weekend trip. . . I would LOVE to stay in the Penthouse Suite at Disneyland.  I would also like to bring my family along for the ride.  Although, this time I promise not to drag my mom speed walking everywhere!!!

Doesn’t this look like a DREAM????

Aside from staying in the suite, I’d love to come to Disneyland once a year for a long weekend.  I’ve been at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween.  I’d love to go during all the holiday celebrations.  And yes, Disneyland, not the Magic Kingdom.

I would LOVE to redo our bathroom like this. . . Jim wouldn’t agree with me though.  But it would be FUN!!!

3. Take my sister to Tea in London!
This was a dream of hers for a long time.  We made it to Canada for tea, but it’s just not the same as London.

4.  Buy back the Mountain House in Keystone.
My grandparents owned a GIANT mountain house when I was growing up.  There was room enough for all my cousins, aunts, and uncles to stay.  We spent Christmas up there, took bike rides in the summer.  It was my favorite place to stay, away from home.

5.  Build a Well, Sponsor another Child, Set up a Scholarship Fund, Provide books to EVERY child in my school district, Put iPads & SMART Technology into the hands of every teacher, Pay teachers what they’re worth, rather than what the district can afford. . .
My list would continue on and on and on and on. . .

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