Playin’ in the Play Room

Last week was Spring Break!


I always get sooooooo much done.

This year, I outdid myself. . .

Cleaned out the basement. . .

AND made my kid a play room!!

It was AWESOME!!

Baby Girl and I took some time to PLAY in the PLAY ROOM!!

She went to school while I cleaned out.

So each night when she got home, we got to play with all kinds of new stuff.

That’s what happens when Mommy cleans!!

Daddy came home and was able to take some pictures of us playing in her “sandbox”.

I am not an “outdoorsey” kind of person.

I do NOT like sand!

So what’s the next best thing. . . RICE!

However, I HATE to clean!

So the next best thing to rice is. . . ODD CRAFTING SUPPLIES!

And TA DA. . . a fake sandbox!  🙂  SO MUCH FUN!!!


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