So spring cleaning has almost come to a close here at our house.

I think I hit all the rooms in the house.

When I got to the kitchen, my little helper got her very own job to do.

I’m a packrat. . . yes, I admit it!

However, USUALLY my packrattyness comes in handy after a while.

This would be one of those cases. . .

What do you do with a box full of old baby food containers,
(for you teachers out there… you use them as money containers for your classroom). . .

Travel size GOLDFISH packs.

Yes they have travel sized goldfish packets at the store.

Two things wrong with those. . .

1~ price mark up!
My accountant (husband) frown upon purchasing them.

2~ the goldfish get smashed when they’re lost at the bottom of my purse!

Old (washed & sterilized) baby containers to the rescue!!

My little “Mini-Me” has a BLAST filling the snack containers herself.

She had so much fun that she dumped a bunch on the floor.

But then. . . she had fun cleaning them up too!

What a GREAT use for my patrattyness!!  🙂

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