Yours Friend A*

Two of my girls came to visit last week!

We shared a house for two years in college and these girls are my sisters and an extension of our family.

It has been a LONG time since we were all together.

A LONG over due visit.

K-dogg had never met Baby Girl.

And I had never met K-dogg’s little girl, Miss A*.

We talked about the girls coming to visit all week before they came.

Mercedes has a friend at her school who’s name is also A*.

Our conversations quickly centered around Mommy’s friend A*.

“Yours friend A* going to be at ours house?” she asked everyday after school.

It was so cute!!

The girls had a great time together (both the big girls and the little girls).

It was a LOW KEY weekend. . . jumping on the tramp, playing with toys, naps, and LOTS of chatting!

We did make a trip downtown for pizza and a walk to the fountain.

The weekend weather couldn’t have been nicer.

So much fun sharing this stage of life with my girls!!


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