5 Things

5 Reasons I Can’t Stop Watching The Big Bang Theory

I relate to this show on SOOOOOO many levels it’s scary.

1.   I’m married to Sheldon.  Other than the career path, I’m married to Sheldon.  Although, Auditing is as close to string theory research as you can get.

2. Nebraska is my second home-state.  I am a PROUD Colorado Native… GO RAMS!!  But I also love me some corn, cows, and combines!  GO BIG RED!!  🙂

3.  I understand their world… comics!  Scary I know!!  But I get their jokes.  I have my husband to thank for that, but I get it!  🙂

4. They make my SPED wheels turn.  These boys (& Penny, Bernadette and Amy) has issues.  I love analyzing their behavior and seeing how they develop their own coping skills.  They are SOOOOO on the spectrum!!

5. It’s funny!!  It makes me laugh!!  Jim and I can watch it together… and it’s not The Office… BAZINGA!!


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