5 Things

5 Things About Yourself That Drive You Nuts (yes, you read that right)  

1. Lazy!  I’m soooooo lazy… seriously, how hard is it to fold laundry?!?!  Yet it sits in the basket until it’s time to wash it all again.

2. No Self-Discipline… yup… I need accountability.  I need constructive criticism.  I need reassurance I’m doing the right thing.

3. Last Minute Lucy… If I have 8 hours to get a 5 minute job done… it will take me 8 DAYS!  If I have 5 minutes to get a 2 hour job done… I’ll have it done in 2 minutes.  I work better if I’m beating the clock.  I produce more when my schedule is full and over flowing.  Need something by today, ask me today.  Need something done by tomorrow, ask me tomorrow.  Need something by next week, as me next week.

4. Selfish… Where do we begin?????  Well, let’s not get into specifics.

5. Shopping Addict…  Again… Where do we begin?????  Well, let’s not get into specifics.  Let’s just say it’s genetic.  Although that doesn’t help when your bank account is dry and there’s nothing to show for it. 


5 Items Of Clothing You Are Hanging Onto and Why

1. High School T-shirts ~ made them into a quilt

2. College T-shirts ~ waiting to make these into a quilt

3. Wedding Dress ~ Because someday I might want to wear it again

4. Cheer Sweatshirt ~ I LOVED cheering in the freezing cold of football season

5. Bronco Sweatshirt ~ Reminds me of my Gran’ma Cherie


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