5 Things ~ 5 Little Known Facts About Me

5 Little Known Facts About Me

1.  I’m an introvert… A dream vacation would be me alone… with my computer, my camera, a stack of chick flicks, and a book.  I married an introvert.  Our favorite way to spend a Saturday is one our own couches with our computers, phones, and a book.  🙂  We also LOVE to go places and just walk around.  That’s what we do on vacation… no plans, no agenda… just explore.  LOVE YOU babe!!

2.  My hair is not naturally curly.  I have had a perm since I was 5 years old.  I have calics that make my hair uncontrollable… (or at least it did back then)… so my mom started giving me a perm.  I have only spent one year without one… my freshman year in college.  I HATED IT!  I pay for my curls!  Shameful, I know!

3.  If my husband would allow it, I would have twelve kids!  I would have a whole houseful!  God is teaching me patience… someday I will have my 12… in His time and place.

4.  I love to dance, but am truly just a wet noodle on the dance floor.  I’m sure I drove my dance partner CRAZY in high school.  I would LOVE to get out on stage again… but alas, I am the wet noodle.

5.  I’m addicted to stress.  It’s like a drug to me… well technically it is a high… but it’s natural.  🙂  I used to sing a song about natural highs in Elementary school.  Dream jobs… event planner… stage manager for Disney or Broadway… Classroom teacher, wait been there, done that, can not WAIT to go back!!!!!!!!

There you have it… 5 Little Known Facts About Me!


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