Gran’ma found a Princess Fishing Pole at Target.

She thought our little princess needed one.

Oh what fun to watch her play FOR HOURS in Gran’pa’s backyard.

She struggled for a bit on casting.

But that didn’t stop her from reelin’ it in…

Nope, she just ran to one end of the yard,

clicked the button, dropped her fish weight,

and ran back to the porch to reel it in.

She’s not stupid!

She did finally get the casting, thanks to Aunt Carol!!

And we leave you with a video. . .


One thought on “Fishin’

  1. Too cute! She has “fished” in Other Grandma and Grandpa’s crawl space for a couple of years! The fishing pole has a magnet to “catch” fish that have magnets on them. She loves it! Of course she can’t cast as far being in the crawl space. She camps and fishes with the other cousins and then they cook the fish over a camp fire. I love watching them! ‘love you, Other Grandma

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