Random Pictures

My computer crashed last month.

Only by God’s grace was everything backed up.

I thought, YIPPEEE!!

Little did I know what it means to restore a back up.

You see, I file things on my computer the same way I file them at home…

A pile here, a pile there.

Move this pile here, move that pile there.

Put this pile with that pile, and then move them back again.

Did you know that your back up keeps ALLLLLLLLLL those files????

No wonder my back up drive was full.

I had three files with the same stuff in them, in three or four different places.

Note to self: Do a better job with your computer filing system than you do your paper one!

The treasure I found though. . .

All the random photos you’ve seen in this post.

What a joy to go back and revisit so many old memories.

I really need to get those pictures off my computer and into a book!!


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