Summer + Heat = Pool Time!!

I spent my summers at the pool growing up.

I LOVED swim team…
except for the early morning part…
and the freezing cold part…
and the wet hair part…
and the actual swimming part…
Just kidding!

Swimming is the only exercise I actually enjoy.

My down fall is that I’m truly a reptile. . .
cold blooded.

Once I’m wet and cold…
takes me days to warm back up.

I still love swimming, none the less!

Dinner at the pool has become a weekly event for Cede and I!


We have the pool pretty much to ourselves.

She swims a little.

Eats a little.

Swims a little.

And then it’s home for bed!

If you want to join us… let me know.

We have guest passes!!  🙂

Sometimes Daddy joins us for the dinner part…

This is how Daddy does the pool…


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