My FAVORITE 31 bag



My family already calls me the bag lady.

I have tried HUNDREDS of bags.

This is the bag that started it all!!


The Organizing Utility Tote!

What appealed to me was the outside pockets.

I carry a water bottle with me everywhere,
and my travel mug with my chai tea in the mornings.

count them 1*2*3*4*5*6*7…
outside pockets, how could I go wrong right?!

I bought 4 site unseen (other than online).

I loved them so much,
I gave one to my sister and one to my mom,
to “borrow” for our New Year’s vacation last year.
I never got them back!

During the school year…
when I’m running from school to school two days a week. . .
The Organizing Utility Tote becomes my mobile office. . .
carrying my files, binders, and laptop.

During the summer…
I’ve toted it to and from the pool.
…the gym.
… the library.
… the park.

We have one that stays packed for when we go to soccer games.
No more searching for blankets, snacks, wipes, or scarves.

If I had had this when I was teaching…

Pockets for my grading pens to STAY PUT!
The mesh pockets on the end are PERFECT for my paperclip collections!!
Inside is large enough to hold a portable file box.
Which would hold my gradebook, papers to grade, and lesson plans.

Oh heaven on earth!!

How can you use the Organizing Utility Tote????


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