5 Reasons ~ DisneyLAND


5 Reasons Traveling to Disneyland is a Must

I could think of 100 reasons why you should visit Disneyland. . . but I’ve narrowed it down to 5, enjoy!!

5. The Monsters, Inc ride ~ The first park to have a Monsters, Inc ride!  And of course, now there’s Cars Land, too!

4.  Ride rides you can’t anywhere else in the world. . . The Submarines in Tomorrowland, now featuring Finding Nemo. . . Storybook Island in Fantasyland, where the building are SUPER miniature and feature all the Princess castles.

3.  The Matterhorn!!  Yes, it deserves it’s own number. . . it’s THAT good!!  The only park in the world with the Matterhorn is Disneyland.  The best time to ride it is at night… the lights from the park are fun to see as you jet around the bends of the mountain!

2.  See the private terrace built for the Disney family.  Find the entrance to one of the most exclusive clubs in the Disney world, Club 33.  And eat lunch INSIDE the Pirate’s of the Caribbean ride at the Blue Bayou Restaurant.

1.  The number 1 reason visiting DisneyLAND is a must. . . It’s the only park Walt every stepped foot in.  He died during the planning stages for WDW.  Disneyland was Walt’s dream!


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