Cousin Playdate

As our last “hoorah” for the summer. . .

Cede and I met my cousin and her two kids at the Aquarium.

We got there just in time to catch the Mermaid show.

OMGoodness!!  Stellar show!

Mercedes was captivated.

These girls who were the mermaids…
ROCKSTAR swimmers!!

They even talked underwater!

The rest of our journey through the aquarium Mercedes was Ariel!!
(And since we came home… Ariel has been upgraded to top Princess status)

Yes, she is talking to Flounder.

Yes, she is swimming wherever she goes.

Yes, we were SUPER excited to meet Ariel’s Best Friends!!

Needless to say the aquarium was a huge HIT!!

Mommy got a chance to practice with her new camera in low lighting.

It was fun to see the different fish.

We stopped in the gift shop.
Mercedes was very patient…
and let Mommy take pictures.

She even posed for me.

Remember she is Ariel…

Waving to the “friends” that walk by…

Taking pictures with other “little” princesses…


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