So since the scooter was given for a birthday present…

We needed something new for Christmas.

Well, while shopping at Target one day we passed the bikes.

She decided she wanted a bike!

Mommy and Auntie Carol went to Target on Turkey Day.

You know the “early” Black Friday shopping time.

Yup, we braved the crowds… went to people watch…
and bought little Missy a bike!

Daddy took a day off a few weeks before Christmas and put the bike together.

We have a rule at our house.

Santa doesn’t bring anything bigger than Mom and Dad.

Wrapping a bike is a little difficult.

So she opened a box with a picture inside.

So much fun to watch!!

We brought it in.

She hopped right on and rode around the house!

It was a hit!!

Mommy made the mistake of buying on that was a little too big.

But she’s growing like a weed!

By spring it will be perfect!!!


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