Christmas Reflections

Christmas is my favorite time of year!

This year we were sick during the weeks leading up to Christmas.

So the season was forced into peace, rest, and relaxing.

We didn’t even get a chance to make cookies.

Some traditions had be changed… new traditions started.

We hit off the Christmas season with
the Annual Christmas Program at Mercedes’ school!

Her class sang the cutest song called “The Lullaby of Love”.

Listening to her sing is one of my favorite things EVER!

And the “Lullaby of Love” is the sweetest song,
all about singing Baby Jesus to sleep!


We celebrated “Little Yuleoften” (Little Christmas)
by piling in Gran’pa’s car and looking at Christmas Lights!

It was super fun and relaxing!

Most of the Christmas vacation was spent on the couch.

We had WAY too many slumber parties in the living room.

We ate LOTS of mac and cheese, crackers, and cereal.

Gran’ma Cheryl and Gran’pa Marty came over for Christmas Eve.

We went to Children’s Church… 3pm.

 We made snacks for dinner… an Olson/Wilson tradition.

Opened up presents.

Gran’pa read “The Night Before Christmas”.

It was precious.

Grandma Joyce and Papa Mike went on vacation during December.

We missed them soooo much!!  They had a GREAT trip!

We celebrated Christmas with them when they got home.

It was a GREAT Christmas season.

The best part is knowing that without Christmas,
there wouldn’t be an Easter!

May the gift of Jesus’ love, grace, and forgiveness
be the best gift under your tree.


One thought on “Christmas Reflections

  1. Mandy, I so love this blog! It lets me see what I miss: especially at Christmas. So fun to see Mercedes and her bike. We too missed you all so much! Love you, your mother in law!!!!

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