H2O Snob

My sister is a water snob.

I love her… she knows it…
I’m not outing here either… she will admit to this if you ask her.

For a long time… like since the day she was born…
I have believed my daughter is a Mini-Me to my sister.

This has been proven on several occasions…

She has the most sensitive head know to man,
brushing her hair causes tears you wouldn’t believe.

Her hair is so fine, even when it’s wet it’s hard to braid.

She was born with dance moves and rhythm.

But just a weeks ago, she proved it yet again.

I had three cups of water in the car when I picked up up from school.

First cup… from Gran’ma’s house… filtered fridge water with ice.

“Mommy this tastes funny!”

Second cup… from our house… filtered fridge water (ice had melted).

“Mommy this one isn’t cold!”

Third cup… Sonic cup… melted ice.

“Ahhh… That’s good water Mommy!”


Water is water!!

Love you Aunt Carol!!


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