5 Things ~ To-Do List. . .

5 Things on your To-Do List…(literally, right now)

1. Laundry… Seriously is there a laundry fairy and where can I find her?!?!?!

2. Clean the Office… Got Cede’s toy’s moved, but the rest is my mess!!!  Trying to make it into a mudroom and a storage place for my business supplies.


3.  Connect with friends… I hibernate during the winter… I’m trying not too.  CALL SOMEONE MANDY!!


4.  Scrapbook… Print Pictures… Remember!!  Mercedes is growing sooooo fast.  I only have one album done for her.  I want to remember.  I want her to remember.  I’m almost done with our cruise trip book… there is a light for that one.  I’m behind by 3 years on our Christmas albums.  I LOVE having those little books to remember each year and how we celebrated.  TIME!!

5.  Plan dinner… not at 4:30pm when my tummy starts to rumble… but actually have a plan!!


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