5 Things ~ You Do Well

5 Things You Do Well

5 ~ I’m creative. ~ Creative in the classroom, creative in decorating my home, creative in parenting, Creative!

4 ~ Relaxing.  Be lazy!  Enjoying myself!  Procrastinating.  I’m SOOOOO good at relaxing!!

3 ~ Capturing HIS beauty in PIXELS!  It is my gift.  My gran’ma Franny paints… My Great-Uncle turns rocks into gems… I show off God’s CREATIVITY in pictures!

2 ~ Being silly!  I truly don’t think I will ever grow up.  I can act like a grown up, but I’m truly happy when I’m silly!  🙂

1 ~ Trusting in HIS promises!  Even when I’m doubting, I’m reminding myself that HIS plan is better than mine.  HIS love for me is greater than anyone’s love me.  HE will ALWAYS be my rock!!


One thought on “5 Things ~ You Do Well

  1. Love this post! I especially like the funny faces….didn’t know Jim could look so silly!
    And like you, I’m still a kid inside. It’s much more fun than being a TOTAL grown-up.

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