BooYah Update

So we’re at 21 weeks and things are going GREAT!!

We were blessed to have had PLENTY of ultrasounds
to keep us happy and content for the first 12 weeks.

Since then, nothin’!

But Mommy has been sick and tired.
So this baby continues to show its presence,
even without an ultrasound!!

God is good!

We had our 20 week appointment last week…
NOPE, we did NOT find out if this baby will be a boy or girl…
We’re going to patiently wait until August!

We did get some new ultrasound pictures!!

So without further adieu…

Baby BooYah!!

Picture #2 is of a foot.  (The left one I believe)

And yes, that is a 3D picture at the bottom.
Our ultrasound tech had just learned how to do 3D pictures,
and practiced a little on us.
They normally don’t do 3D images this early because
 there’s not enough fat to get good images…
BooYah is plenty chunky!

So there’s your update!

It still amazes me the technology we have today
and what we can see!

Praise God for the minds who engineer our technology!

Praise God for the minds He molds into doctors
that help make DREAMS come true!!

Praise God for HIS miracle of life!


One thought on “BooYah Update

  1. We are soooooo happy for you guys!!! Boo Yah looks great. God is a true architect and giver of life. Hope you feel better soon. Love you

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