Spring Break ~ Just the 3 of us!

Back around Christmas time,
after we found we were expecting BooYah,
Jim decided we needed to take a trip just the 3 of us!

So we waited until we were “safe” and ruled a “normal pregnancy”,
and then booked another DISNEY CRUISE!!

Just the 3 of us!

OMGoodness!!  So much fun!!

Mommy missed having the grandparents around…
Daddy enjoyed the peace…
Mercedes didn’t really notice.

There were a few occasions that perplexed me…

Like when we sat down to eat lunch…
I got food for Mercedes…
Then got my own food…
Then Jim got his food…
While he was gone, Mercedes had to go potty.
I just leave my plate and our junk.
Or do I take our junk and hope no one clears our plate.
I can’t call Jim… no cell phones.

Fortunately, Jim came back before I could come up with a solution.

Then there were the times when Little Missy just needed…
…someone else to talk too.
… or hold her.
… or listen to her stories.
… or color with her.
… or do something different.

But all in all.  We did GREAT by ourselves.
🙂  I felt very grown up.  🙂
Traveling with my little family without extra help.


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