Spring Break ~ Relaxin’

Usually when you go on a cruise,
you book excursions or fun trips at the ports where you stop.

Not this time.
Because Mommy has a baby in her belly.
We didn’t book anything ahead of time.
It’s hard to predict what a pregnant woman can handle!

It was GREAT!
Best decision ever!
We had no agenda, no appointments!
We didn’t even get off the boat at the first two ports.

We just hung out!!

Mercedes spent her days in KIDS CLUB!

Mommy walked around the boat and read her books.

Daddy read his books and took lots of naps!

We played in the pool.

Watched movies!

And ATE LOTS of food!!

(Mommy woke Daddy up from one of his naps,
so he could take pictures of us in the pool.)

We did get off the boat at Cozumel.

Mommy needed some new scenery.  🙂

And a HardRock Pin!


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