April Recap #3

So let’s see…
It’s April…
Spring time in the Rockies…
We got over 18 inches the week of April 15th.

Five days later…
This is what the backyard looked like at Gran’ma’s…

Yes, that’s Mercedes shoveling the last of the snow off the porch.


This time she was REALLY bossy and told Gran’pa he couldn’t help her!
She might have even thrown a little tantrum… maybe.  🙂

But really can you blame her…
there was hardly any snow left to shovel.

If she had only know what was coming…
because not even 12 hours later on April 22, 2013…
we had another 3 inches of snow!!

After dinner, Mercedes got to go out and shovel again!!
She was in hog heaven!!
She did let Gran’pa help her this time.
Although… she was still bossy and told him where he could help.

Gotta LOVE spring time in Colorado!!

Happy May everyone!!


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