BooYah’s Room

We spent Memorial Day weekend working on BooYah’s room!

Mercedes’ doesn’t want to move rooms …
Her words … “But how we move my stripes Mommy?”

So BooYah will get to have the “Mickey Room”.
Although it’s no long filled with Mickey stuff, but spots!

We are continuing the crayon theme …
But chose to do dots instead of stripes for BooYah.

Jim and Cede painted the room white the week before.

I was so proud of my husband for letting Mercedes help him paint.

He gets a little territorial when it comes to projects.  🙂

But he was patient and let her paint a little.


We went on a circle hunt around the house to make our spot templates.

Draw circles on contact paper, cut out the middle, and stuck them on the wall.

Mercedes spent the weekend “helping Daddy”.

She was in charge of where the spots went and what color the spots were to painted.

She brought her toys in and “painted” many of them.

It was a weekend of Forced Family Bonding at it’s best!

Yes, Mommy even hung out up there a few times …
but sitting on the floor for too long makes prego legs fall asleep FAST.

It was fun!

And I think it turned out GREAT!!

The old bumpers that Aunt Niki sewed for Baby Rice will still work.

I’m going to go to the store and get some spotted fabric for the curtain.

We still have to set up the crib and arrange the furniture,
but really the hard part is done. 🙂

Yes, there are two “hidden” symbols in the room.

It was fun to include them!  🙂

Nothing like brainwashing your child from the beginning!!


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