Beauty & the Beast with Auntie

Back in May, Auntie’s school put on a production of Beauty and the Beast.

One Saturday, I needed an emergency place for Mercedes to hang out …
and she got to hang out at practice with Auntie.

Gran’ma and Gran’pa took her to a special preview night.

The little girls were encouraged to dress up …
They all recieved a light – up rose …
there was cupcakes and punch!

She even got to sit by Auntie at the director’s table for a bit.

Needless to say, my princess was in HEAVEN!!

You will see in future blog posts this yellow dress.

Mercedes’ cousins gave her their old dress up clothes.
Being a fourth grader and an eighth grader, they didn’t use them.

I went out and got a clothes rack for them,
because her princess dresses were TAKING OVER!  🙂

Mercedes’ has worn them EVERYWHERE!
Because I’m the kind of mom who lets her.
There are rules, however …
you must wear real clothes underneath …
(no showing off your boobies .. giggle, giggle).
And you may not wear them to school or church.

THANK YOU Katie and Maddie for being such great cousins!!


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