Playin’ at School

Mercedes goes to the BEST preschool!!

I have the honor of subbing at the school.

This spring, I had a regular stint in the Jr.K classroom.

My lead teacher in that room was AMAZING!

I say was because she moved to Oregon this week.

One of my favorite things about my lead teacher
was her knowledge of Early Childhood and what her kids needed!

In the afternoons, on nice days,
we’d go out to the grassy field and let the kids run!

They LOVED it!

They would at least an hour out there …
searching for “snake holes” …
playing in the dirt …
running from one end to the other …
just being kids!

No structure.
No rules,
other than stay in the boundries.

Sometimes Mercedes was able to join us.
It was so fun to watch her run free!

Makes me wish I didn’t have to count noses
and could get my hands dirty, too!


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