Pool Time ~ What a FISH!!!

We started out swimming season off in March up in the mountains.

Spent most of the time in the “hot pool”.

But it was time in the pool none the less.

April was again up in hte mountains.

Mercedes was getting braver… kinda.

Still holding on for dear life,
but at least just to your fingers,
not cutting off circulation to your arms.

Memorial Day weekend the Pool opened up!

Mercedes stuck with the baby pool.

It was a good way to “offically” start our swim season.

June on the other hand is a WHOLE DIFFERENT story!

Aunt Carol got her into the big pool with the “floatie”.

She was ALL OVER that!!

Kickin’ and Splashin’

Havin’ a GRAND ‘OL time!

It got to a point where Mommy and Auntie
wanted to pull her out from under that floatie!

Mommy was nice and bought some water wings instead.
(Dollar Isle at Target is my FAVORITE!!)

We got a bigger floatie for Mommy too.
Well, Daddy too.

Dinner at the pool with Daddy is our favorite evening activity!

She sat in the big floatie for a bit…
then decided it was time to get out.

And the fish was born!!

Remember that little growth we all had attached to us back in April…

Not so much anymore!

She loves to swim from one side of the pool to the other.

She never wants to get out!

She plays Ariel and Flounder.

She pushes Mommy in the floatie.

She’s a FISH!!

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