Comic Con ~ Family Experience

Back in May,
Mercedes and Mommy joined Daddy
at Denver’s 2nd Annual Comic Con!!

So fun!!

Daddy had a great time showing us around.

Mercedes insisted on wearing her BatGirl clothes!

Mommy and Mercedes were in People Watching HEAVEN!

So much to see and watch.

We were on a hunt for BatMan.

Not the real Batman …
just some “dressed up like Batman.”

There wre lots of characters!

We saw quite a few Batmans …
But Mercedes wouldn’t get close.

She’s get excited …
stop walking …
and just look intently!

She did warm up and got close to the more friendly characters.

“She’s not the real Tinkerbell, Mommy.
Just a girl dressed up like Tink.”

Daddy is so silly!!

At Mercedes request he went to Zombie Jail.

She walked us over there and insisted that Daddy go to jail.

Such a fun way to spend a Saturday with Daddy!

We had a great time!!!

Daddy got some comics signed.

Mercedes got come new comics to read.

Mercedes and Daddy got a hand drawm sketch of Batman and Batgirl.

Mommy took lots of pictures.


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