Comic Con ~ Phineas & Ferb!!

One of the highlights of Denver Comic Con was
Greg Guler!!

There’s only one cartoon that all three of us enjoy!

Phineas & Ferb

Greg Guler is one of the artists that work on the show.

Greg did a presentation on drawing the characters of Phineas and Ferb.

Mercedes LOVED it …
until she couldn’t make her Phineas look like Greg’s.

She’s so our kid!

Little Miss Perfectionist!

Daddy helped her a little, she was much happier.

Baby Girl got her groove on!

She worked intently on each character.

She looks so grown up holding a pen and pencil.

She might be sitting in a stroller, but she looks so big!

We stayed in the kids club animation area
for a LONG time after Greg was done.

Mercedes kept working on her Phineas and Ferb characters.

She was so focused and working so hard,
she got hungry and cranky!

I got some pizza while she continued to work.

When she finished,
She was very proud to be able to share
her picture with Greg.

We bought a book that shows how to draw the characters.

Greg was the author,
so we got it signed.

My little animator might be a perfectionist,
but she is enjoying practicing.


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