“Fishing” with Gran’pa

One of my dad’s favorite things to do with our cat growing up,
was to play chase with the fishing pole and fish weight.

Turns out a four year old loves the doing the same thing.

She started out fishing,
but then found it more fun to run after the fish.

Gran’pa would cast it out …
then it was a race to see if Gran’pa could reel it in before she caught it.

Mercedes kept score.

She caught it 7 times!

I haven’t seen my dad giggle so hard!

I couldn’t decide to who to watch…
My dad or my kid!

Then it was Mercedes turn to cast
and Gran’pa’s turn to catch.

Gran’pa is a BIG teaser!

He cast the fish into the sprinklers …
off the side of the porch where she couldn’t reach …
Well, smart girl did the same thing to Gran’pa!

First cast she made was right into the sprinklers!



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