Mommy in Chalk

Saw this on Pinterest …

Or maybe in a magazine …

Anyway, I thought it would be fun!

Have the kids lay down on the driveway …
Trace them with sidewalk chalk …
Then let them draw clothes, hair, etc.

Well, it was a good plan until …
Mercedes wanted me to lay down.

Yes… 7 months pregnant Mommy
laid down on the driveway
and let her 4 year old trace with chalk.

It was fun…
the laying down and tracing part…
not so much the getting up part. šŸ™‚

She did a great job!

She was VERY specific about my clothes…
had to be yellow because that’s what I was wearing.

She also had to make my toes pink
and my finger nails white.

So cute!!

Maybe she’ll let me trace her next time.


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