The Greats!!

Yesterday was Granny’s 90th Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Granny!!

Granny is Mercedes’ Step-Great-Grandma.
Yet, you wouldn’t notice they aren’t blood related.
Granny loves all her treasures.
She is content to watch them play.

My girls are blessed to have
3 GREAT-Grandparents still on this Earth!

I pray that someday
I will be able to meet my GREATS …
Great-Grandkids, that is!!

Bestamor is Great-Mom in Norwegian,
🙂 According to Google.  🙂

Bestamor (my Grandma) turns 90 this year, too!

BestaMor stopped by yesterday to visit Londyn.
She wouldn’t hold her … Londyn was sleeping.
She didn’t touch her … Just wanted to look.
It takes every ounce of energy for Bestamor
to get from the car into the house.
And her reward … just a glance at her Great-Granddaughter!

What a beautiful reminder to celebrate the little things in life!!

Two amazing women to look up to and admire!


One thought on “The Greats!!

  1. What a beautiful posting! You are so good expressing your thoughts. Yes, Granny loves the little “step” grands as much as the others! Love you, Joyce

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