Beauty & the Beast with Auntie

Back in May, Auntie’s school put on a production of Beauty and the Beast.

One Saturday, I needed an emergency place for Mercedes to hang out …
and she got to hang out at practice with Auntie.

Gran’ma and Gran’pa took her to a special preview night.

The little girls were encouraged to dress up …
They all recieved a light – up rose …
there was cupcakes and punch!

She even got to sit by Auntie at the director’s table for a bit.

Needless to say, my princess was in HEAVEN!!

You will see in future blog posts this yellow dress.

Mercedes’ cousins gave her their old dress up clothes.
Being a fourth grader and an eighth grader, they didn’t use them.

I went out and got a clothes rack for them,
because her princess dresses were TAKING OVER!  🙂

Mercedes’ has worn them EVERYWHERE!
Because I’m the kind of mom who lets her.
There are rules, however …
you must wear real clothes underneath …
(no showing off your boobies .. giggle, giggle).
And you may not wear them to school or church.

THANK YOU Katie and Maddie for being such great cousins!!


Faces in the Rock

We spent Father’s Day weekend up at Mount Rushmore.

This is one of my top five most favorite places in our country.

Four great men, immortalized on a mountain as a symbol of the many great men who have served our country as president.

George is my favorite.

There was 500 head of buffalo in the park when we drove through.

SO FUN!  For my girl to get to see so many BIG buffalo.

The kids had fun playing in the campground.

No TV, phones, or computers, for 48 hours!

They got dirty!!  And it was GREAT!!

We made all my favorite camping foods.

I read an entire book.

Slept in a sleeping bag.

It’s was GREAT!!