5 Favorite Moments

5 Favorite Moments in the last 5 years

5. Skiing with my daughter… TWICE!

4.  Disney Dream New Year’s Vacation

3.  Germany ~ Martin Luther Tour

2.  Disneyland for my 30th Birthday

1. The Birth of Mercedes!!


5 Things

5 Things on your To-Do List…

1.  Disney Dream Scrapbook ~ I have been working on it… but it’s REALLY slow… so many other things take up my time.  And I have to be in a creative mojo mood… and I need like 2 hours at a time to get on a roll and be productive.  IT WILL GET DONE before it’s time for New Years 2013.  🙂  That’s my goal.  🙂

2.  Exercise!  This is ALWAYS on my to do list.  I did a REALLY good job this fall.  Winter hit and I don’t want to do anything!  ?Now it’s spring and I’m ready again.  Summer is easier… I can swim outdoors.  I hate to be cold.  I have a bag of gym clothes in my car, so there’s no excuses.  Yet, still I find an excuse.

3. Put away the laundry.  It gets washed… just never gets folded and put away.  Sometimes I really good at getting it done… but mostly it just sits in the laundry basket and I pull things out to wear and they end up back in the dirty clothes.  🙂  Oh to have a laundry folding fairy!  I coveted Kate Gosseling’s (from John & Kate +8) laundry folding fairy.  I don’t think Jim would think getting 8 kids is worth the price of having a laundry fairy.  🙂

4.  Create a business plan, workflow procedures, and pricing guide for my photography business.  I’m the artist… I work in the right side of my brain.  All that is stuff that comes out of the left side of the brain.  It’s PAINFUL for me to think about, but it will make this adventure a more profitable, fulfilling, and generous experience.

5.  Be a yes mom!  This is something I learned while I was devouring parenting books in the first year of Mercedes’ life.  I am a selfish, selfish woman.  As I type this, my daughter is sitting on my lap because she just wants to be with me.  I need to shut it down… shut it off… and spend time with her.  And by it I mean ANYTHING else I want or should be doing.


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Dream Vacation ~ Reflections

So there you have it!  A “snapshot” of our trip.

As with any vacation, there are things I would do differently next time. . .

1. Take less clothes (I spent 4 days in my swimsuit).

2. Take Mercedes to the Oceaneer’s Club more.

3. Go to a few Adult Only Activities.

4. Visit Atlantis in Nassau.

5. Sleep less. . . play more!

As well as things I wouldn’t change for the WORLD!!

Here’s my Top Ten. . .

10. Taking a Disney vacation!  Always a favorite of mine.

9. Short lines for Characters.

8. Reading the Navigator to plan out our day.

7. Disney movies on demand 24-7

6. Trying new foods!

5. Tomato, Ham, Mozzarella Panini’s & French fries

4. Truly Relaxing. . . we had no agenda!

3. The crew! Mark and Ashon were two of our favorites.
And Olivia was the ONLY reason Mercedes went to play with the kids.

2.  Getting to go on a REAL cruise with my husband!

1. Watching my daughter meet her “friends.”

Dream Vacation ~ The Whole Gang

It took until the last day of the trip to get everyone’s signature.

Then FINALLY we got them!

The Whole Gang!

SO fun!!  🙂

We couldn’t go home without the WHOLE GANG!!

At the end I was getting worried.

While we took pictures with Minnie before getting on the boat,

we didn’t get her signature.

Then we hadn’t seen Daisy or Donald all trip.

The last day!!  Whew!!

What a GANG!!

Dream Vacation ~ Beach Day 2

Ahhhhhhhh. . . the beach!


I have to say, as much as I loved our Beach days. . .


That being said. . .

Ahhhhhhhh. . . the beach!

Lord, THANK YOU FOR Gran’pa’s!!!

Mommy actually got to sit on the lounger and relax.

Mercedes and Gran’pa spent LOTS of time in the Ocean.


Mommy doesn’t do “getting cold”. . .
unless is involves to skinny pieces of wood and a mountain. . .
So, Mommy didn’t get in the Ocean.


As much as I HATE sand clean up. . .

This sand is WAY better to play with than Playground Sand.

It’s soft, yet sturdy.

It’s fine, yet solid!

Ahhhhhhhh. . . the beach!

I still would take a snowy mountain over a sandy beach ANY DAY!!

Dream Vacation ~ Arrrrgggg!

Pirate Night!!

Again, Disney is the BEST!

Two nights to party!

Pirate night followed News Year’s Eve.

There were costumes, dancing, a show, and FIREWORKS!!

Again, we’re a family of teachers, so we planned ahead.

We brought our pirate gear with us.

I made the girls bandana skirts.

Jim and Gran’pa bought their costumes during Halloween sales.

There were lots of people dressed up.

We played Pirate games up on the Pool Deck.

After the “Party” (AKA Disney Show),

we stayed up on deck and waited for the fireworks.

Mercedes had a BLAST running around having “sword” fights.

Gran’pa brought glow in the dark bracelets.

They make the PERFECT 3 year old sized swords,
when they’re not being worn as a bracelet, of course!

It was fun to watch her!!