Spring Break ~ BEACH Time!!

Of course we also go off the boat at Castaway Cay!

We spent the whole day on the beach!

Closed it down!

They were putting the umbrellas away as we were packing up!



Spring Break ~ Relaxin’

Usually when you go on a cruise,
you book excursions or fun trips at the ports where you stop.

Not this time.
Because Mommy has a baby in her belly.
We didn’t book anything ahead of time.
It’s hard to predict what a pregnant woman can handle!

It was GREAT!
Best decision ever!
We had no agenda, no appointments!
We didn’t even get off the boat at the first two ports.

We just hung out!!

Mercedes spent her days in KIDS CLUB!

Mommy walked around the boat and read her books.

Daddy read his books and took lots of naps!

We played in the pool.

Watched movies!

And ATE LOTS of food!!

(Mommy woke Daddy up from one of his naps,
so he could take pictures of us in the pool.)

We did get off the boat at Cozumel.

Mommy needed some new scenery.  🙂

And a HardRock Pin!

Spring Break ~ KIDS CLUB!!

Mommy did a better job preparing Mercedes
this time around for the kids club.

We looked at pictures online.

We talked about how Mommy and Daddy didn’t get to go.

We looked at the adult pool pictures online.

We pumped it up for kids club!

By the time it was time to go,
she couldn’t wait to go to Kids’ Club.

One of the first things we did once we boarded
was go to the Open House at Kid Club.

This is the only time Mommy and Daddy to explore.
And the only time Mommy could get pictures.


Spring Break ~ Just the 3 of us!

Back around Christmas time,
after we found we were expecting BooYah,
Jim decided we needed to take a trip just the 3 of us!

So we waited until we were “safe” and ruled a “normal pregnancy”,
and then booked another DISNEY CRUISE!!

Just the 3 of us!

OMGoodness!!  So much fun!!

Mommy missed having the grandparents around…
Daddy enjoyed the peace…
Mercedes didn’t really notice.

There were a few occasions that perplexed me…

Like when we sat down to eat lunch…
I got food for Mercedes…
Then got my own food…
Then Jim got his food…
While he was gone, Mercedes had to go potty.
I just leave my plate and our junk.
Or do I take our junk and hope no one clears our plate.
I can’t call Jim… no cell phones.

Fortunately, Jim came back before I could come up with a solution.

Then there were the times when Little Missy just needed…
…someone else to talk too.
… or hold her.
… or listen to her stories.
… or color with her.
… or do something different.

But all in all.  We did GREAT by ourselves.
🙂  I felt very grown up.  🙂
Traveling with my little family without extra help.