Princess Fashion Show

We go hang out at Gran’ma Cheryl’s every other Monday.

A few weeks ago, Mercedes took some of her princess dresses.

I got to go to a Princess fashion show!!

It was GREAT!

I sat on the porch, holding Londyn.

Mercedes changed her clothes in the house.

Then came out on the porch and showed off her dress.

she even let me take pictures!!

And posed for me!!!

It was super cute!

Mommy’s New Bike!!

Thanks to Gran’pa George & Gran’ma Franny …
Mommy got a new bike this summer!!

We didn’t ride it much …
again, something about a baby in her tummy …
But we will this fall!!

Mommy is determined to get in shape!!

Thanks Papa George & Bestamor!!!

Playground @ Gran’pa’s School

May is my least favorite month.

It’s busy … emotional … and just busy!

This May was no exception.

The end of a school year is hard.

Trying to wrap up everything that needs to be taught …

While trying not to get spring fever yourself …

as the kids are climbing the walls …

Anticipating a new year …

Saying goodbye to this one …

UGH!  May!

I helped my sister with some of her end of the school year projects.

Mercedes LOVED it because …

Well, she’s an extrovert and loves being around people.

And she got to play on the playground.

(Yes, that’s the Belle Dress).

Did you think I was kidding?!!?

She wore it everywhere!!

Anyway …

We hung out at Auntie and Gran’pa’s school a few times.

I took pictures of students …

Mercedes’ played …

I did put my foot down a few times …

and said the Belle Dress had to stay in the car …

It had become a distraction.

And May doesn’t need any help with distractions!!!

I guess I can’t totally hate May this year because …

I did get to capture these pictures!

April Recap #3

So let’s see…
It’s April…
Spring time in the Rockies…
We got over 18 inches the week of April 15th.

Five days later…
This is what the backyard looked like at Gran’ma’s…

Yes, that’s Mercedes shoveling the last of the snow off the porch.


This time she was REALLY bossy and told Gran’pa he couldn’t help her!
She might have even thrown a little tantrum… maybe.  🙂

But really can you blame her…
there was hardly any snow left to shovel.

If she had only know what was coming…
because not even 12 hours later on April 22, 2013…
we had another 3 inches of snow!!

After dinner, Mercedes got to go out and shovel again!!
She was in hog heaven!!
She did let Gran’pa help her this time.
Although… she was still bossy and told him where he could help.

Gotta LOVE spring time in Colorado!!

Happy May everyone!!

April Recap #2

The week of April 15th, 2013
Colorado was supposed to some moisture in the form of snow.
No big deal!

Well… It snowed, and snowed, and snowed!!

Mercedes LOVED IT!

Got home from dinner Tuesday evening…
She shoveled Gran’pa’s driveway!!

We got up the next morning to another TON of snow!!

The downside of staying at Gran’ma and Gran’pa’s…
Mommy has to park outside…
The upside to staying at Gran’ma and Gran’pa’s…
Gran’ma will take Mommy to work!!

Mercedes’ stayed home from school on Wednesday.

She couldn’t wait until Gran’pa got home to start shoveling the snow.

Started shovelin’ without him!!

Gran’pa got home and Mercedes was halfway done with the driveway.
(Gran’ma helped a bit, but Mercedes is bossy and didn’t want help.)

Now remember this is APRIL!

My girl can HEAVE the snow!

This was a wet, spring snow, too!

But she’s a work horse!!