Exhibition Call…

There’s a new exhibition call… it’s title is Blue.  So once again, I need your help. Visit mcpix.wordpress.com to help me choose which photos to submit.


ChivasUSA Game

A few weeks ago we go the chance to sit on the field for the Rapids game against ChivasUSA.  As season ticket holders, we can enter a drawing each week for “perks” like sitting on the field in the “Best Seats In The House”.  I’m not sure Jim thought they were the BEST SEATS in the house… it was hard to see the other end of the field.  Mommy on the other hand LOVED IT!!  I was so close to the action… I got TONS of sweet pictures.

Starting with my favorite subject… Mercedes…

Warm-upHi Mom!!The mascots came over and played with the crowd (and those of us in the field seats).  It was fun to watch them and be so close.  Mercedes wasn’t real sure about them.  She liked them and wanted to talk to them, but didn’t want to touch them.  🙂

The Rapids didn’t score during the first half.  I told Jim it was because they were waiting to score until the second half when they’re goal was on our end of the field.  🙂


Sweet Action Shot…

Cummings scored another goal…

Another ACTION shot!!

SO FUN!!  Mercedes loves going to the soccer games.  She carries around the mascots and sleeps with them.  She thinks the blanket we got as a season ticket holder gift, is hers and calls it her “soccer ball bankie”.  It’s been so much fun to do something together as a family.

My First Bagel Bite

Gib’s New York Bagels is one of my favorite Hometown eateries.  It’s a bagel shop.  In high school, my sister and I would stop by Gib’s every Friday on our way to school.  It was our Friday treat before FCA.  They have THE BEST treats in all the world.  They’re called Bagel Bites.  They’re little mini bagels with cream cheese frosting on the outside.  They are SOOOOOO good!!  I used to get some on my way to church, but now it’s not on the way.  We might have to go anyway… now I have a craving!!  🙂

I took Mercedes to Gib’s last week on our Mommy ‘n Me day.  She LOVED them!!

Daddy’s Alone Time

Mandy and Mercedes joined Gran’ma, Gran’pa, Aunt Mary, Uncle Drew, Cousin Isaac, and Aunt Carol for a quick overnight trip up the Poudre to stay in a cabin.  Why didn’t I go?  For those of you who know me should know that my idea of camping is staying at a “budget hotel” and not a Hilton.  Yes, I’m a hotel snob and it’s all because of my previous job.  But I digress….  In reality, daddy needed quiet time.  I miss my family and look forward to them being home in a couple of hours, but I’ve really enjoyed the alone time. 

Friday night consisted of two movies and going to bed late, yet I was still up by seven Saturday morning.  I put together two shelves while watching another movie that morning, mowing the lawn, doing laundry, going to see Inception (excellent movie I HIGHLY recommend everyone seeing), finally picking up my comics, folding laundry, ironing my clothes for the week, having dinner, emptying the dishwasher, and watching another movie.  Now I realize that doesn’t sound too relaxing considering I was also completing “chores” but I’ve had time to recharge, which is what I needed.  Thank you Amanda and Mercedes for allowing daddy some quiet time.  I love you both very much and can’t wait to see you!