5 Things ~ You Do Well

5 Things You Do Well

5 ~ I’m creative. ~ Creative in the classroom, creative in decorating my home, creative in parenting, Creative!

4 ~ Relaxing.  Be lazy!  Enjoying myself!  Procrastinating.  I’m SOOOOO good at relaxing!!

3 ~ Capturing HIS beauty in PIXELS!  It is my gift.  My gran’ma Franny paints… My Great-Uncle turns rocks into gems… I show off God’s CREATIVITY in pictures!

2 ~ Being silly!  I truly don’t think I will ever grow up.  I can act like a grown up, but I’m truly happy when I’m silly!  🙂

1 ~ Trusting in HIS promises!  Even when I’m doubting, I’m reminding myself that HIS plan is better than mine.  HIS love for me is greater than anyone’s love me.  HE will ALWAYS be my rock!!


5 Things ~ My Happy Place

5 Things That Take Me To My Happy Place

#1… My God & Creator!!
While I’m a take charge kinda girl…
HE is in the drivers seat of the car I called LIFE!

While letting go of my plan is NEVER easy…
HIS plan is ALWAYS better than ANYTHING I could come up with!!!

#2… THIS MAN!!
While he constantly drives me nuts…
He always takes care of me!

While he is the root of many of my grey hairs…
He knows just what I need and when I need it!!

While he continuously nags me about the bank account…
He spoils me to no end!!!

While she constantly hangs on my leg…
I miss her SOOOO much when she’s not around!

While she has plenty of attitude and drama…
She is MY drama queen and bring sunshine to my EVERY DAY!!

While I love the life I’ve been given…
Sometimes you need to escape to another time and places.

While I try to live in the moment everyday…
Without pictures, I wouldn’t be able to relive my favorite memories!!

5 Things ~ To-Do List. . .

5 Things on your To-Do List…(literally, right now)

1. Laundry… Seriously is there a laundry fairy and where can I find her?!?!?!

2. Clean the Office… Got Cede’s toy’s moved, but the rest is my mess!!!  Trying to make it into a mudroom and a storage place for my business supplies.


3.  Connect with friends… I hibernate during the winter… I’m trying not too.  CALL SOMEONE MANDY!!


4.  Scrapbook… Print Pictures… Remember!!  Mercedes is growing sooooo fast.  I only have one album done for her.  I want to remember.  I want her to remember.  I’m almost done with our cruise trip book… there is a light for that one.  I’m behind by 3 years on our Christmas albums.  I LOVE having those little books to remember each year and how we celebrated.  TIME!!

5.  Plan dinner… not at 4:30pm when my tummy starts to rumble… but actually have a plan!!

5 Photos ~ “You”

Trying to get back into blogging consistently.
I used to be part of series entitled Listable Life.
A simple 5 point list on Tuesday.
Sharing a few details into my world.

This blog is more about my daughter and her adventures.
But it’s also a journal of sorts for me.
Free therapy and reflection if you will.

So here’s to a more consistent reflection for me!!

Top 5 pictures that best describe me. . .

1. Faith is my CORE!

2. Disney FREAK!!

3. Halloween Birthday

4. Book-A-Holic… seriously need a 12 step program!!

5. Dr. Pepper is my addiction

5 Reasons ~ DisneyLAND


5 Reasons Traveling to Disneyland is a Must

I could think of 100 reasons why you should visit Disneyland. . . but I’ve narrowed it down to 5, enjoy!!

5. The Monsters, Inc ride ~ The first park to have a Monsters, Inc ride!  And of course, now there’s Cars Land, too!

4.  Ride rides you can’t anywhere else in the world. . . The Submarines in Tomorrowland, now featuring Finding Nemo. . . Storybook Island in Fantasyland, where the building are SUPER miniature and feature all the Princess castles.

3.  The Matterhorn!!  Yes, it deserves it’s own number. . . it’s THAT good!!  The only park in the world with the Matterhorn is Disneyland.  The best time to ride it is at night… the lights from the park are fun to see as you jet around the bends of the mountain!

2.  See the private terrace built for the Disney family.  Find the entrance to one of the most exclusive clubs in the Disney world, Club 33.  And eat lunch INSIDE the Pirate’s of the Caribbean ride at the Blue Bayou Restaurant.

1.  The number 1 reason visiting DisneyLAND is a must. . . It’s the only park Walt every stepped foot in.  He died during the planning stages for WDW.  Disneyland was Walt’s dream!


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5 Things ~ Careers

5 Careers You Might Consider Now

1. SAHM ~ Stay at home Mom ~ Although I’m second guessing this career…  25 kids is a whole lot easier than 1 three year-old.  🙂

2. Substitute Teacher ~ Of course with subbing you don’t have the fun of planning, grading, and getting to know the kids.  BUT you do get paid to play all day!  🙂  I LOVE IT!!

3. Grocery Sacker ~ Seriously, this sounds fun right now… it would give me the adult interaction I don’t have as a SAHM.  I would feel like I have a social life, even though it’s just going to work.  /not a bad gig if you ask me!

4. Greeter @ Wal-Mart ~ except I would greet at Target.  I could be the FIRST Target Greeter!  That would be a DREAM!!  Again, social life at work.  AND a Target discount!  I think I’m on to something here!

5. Photographer ~ Fine Art & Portraits ~ after months of research, planning and classes… turns out this isn’t much of a money maker.  But who says a career should make you money???  Oh yeah… the mortgage company says so.  Well, hmmmmmmmm.