Related… Um I think so!

So this is what happens to these two dark haired babies make babies…

This is what 3 generations of dark haired girls looks like…


VERY dangerous!!

On the serious note…
Mercedes knows it’s not safe to play with your phone and drive.
And she will tell you!
I can’t appologize for that…
However, I will apologize if she’s not polite.

Princess Fashion Show

We go hang out at Gran’ma Cheryl’s every other Monday.

A few weeks ago, Mercedes took some of her princess dresses.

I got to go to a Princess fashion show!!

It was GREAT!

I sat on the porch, holding Londyn.

Mercedes changed her clothes in the house.

Then came out on the porch and showed off her dress.

she even let me take pictures!!

And posed for me!!!

It was super cute!


The first soccer game was almost a month ago!

Wow!  Time flies when you’re having fun!

Mercedes had her own entourage at the game.
(see the bottom right picture)

Our little soccer fan spent most of the game playing defense.
She looked like a mini-Drew Moore …
hangin’ back …
Cheering on her teammates …
and protecting that goal!

At the end of the game,
she did score twice.
Once was an assist from another teammate.
The second was a Break-away from the other side of the field.

Daddy was so proud!!
He even got a little teary!

Summer Recap ~ Sound of Music

Mommy thought it would be fun to
take Mercedes to see Sound of Music
at our local dinner theatre this summer.

Well, we did!
WAY back in JUNE!!
And we have since listened to, watched, and heard
Sound of Music

She dresses up like Lisel.
She wanted there to be 6 babies in Mommy’s tummy.
She dances to SoM.
She marches like the kids.
(this comes in handy on occasion)
She even plays the guitar like Lisel!