5 Things ~ My Happy Place

5 Things That Take Me To My Happy Place

#1… My God & Creator!!
While I’m a take charge kinda girl…
HE is in the drivers seat of the car I called LIFE!

While letting go of my plan is NEVER easy…
HIS plan is ALWAYS better than ANYTHING I could come up with!!!

#2… THIS MAN!!
While he constantly drives me nuts…
He always takes care of me!

While he is the root of many of my grey hairs…
He knows just what I need and when I need it!!

While he continuously nags me about the bank account…
He spoils me to no end!!!

While she constantly hangs on my leg…
I miss her SOOOO much when she’s not around!

While she has plenty of attitude and drama…
She is MY drama queen and bring sunshine to my EVERY DAY!!

While I love the life I’ve been given…
Sometimes you need to escape to another time and places.

While I try to live in the moment everyday…
Without pictures, I wouldn’t be able to relive my favorite memories!!


Happy 3rd Birthday, Baby Girl!!

3 years ago this morning, my world changed DRASTICALLY!

God is sooooo Good!!

Mercedes was born @ 5:28am.

She weighed a WHOPPING 7 pounds 13 ounces at 20.5 inches.

She is energetic, compassionate, and expressive.

3 year old pictures coming soon. . .Mommy’s still playin’ with them.  🙂

I don’t remember what life was like before her.

I can’t imagine what life will bring with her!

We spent the weekend celebrating our little Performer.

She was gracious, excited, and overwhelmed.

More on her celebrations this week. . .hopefully.

This is my Baby Girl!

Her sweet spirit shines through her eyes and smile!

Her compassion for others is proof of her GIGANTIC heart!

Her endless supply of energy makes me tired before I even get out of bed!

Thank you Jesus for loaning her to us.

She is a treasure!

Women of Faith ~ Over the Top!!

I spent this past weekend with

two of my BFFs and

10,000 of our closest friends!

My mom, sister and I attended Women of Faith here in Denver.

Pasty Clairmont started us off with HOMEWORK!!

If you’ve never been, you’re missin’ out!!

The weekend was full of worship, laughter, and tears.

Can’t wait to go again next year!!